Flying Trinity

by Dzmitry Samakhvalau May. 05, 2007 5116 views

Once in Budapest one local man showed me a statue of the girl in the street and said that it was the statue of the prostitute. I really wondered. But knowing the original character of the Hungarian people I decided that they would erect the statue of the prostitute to attract the German male tourists. I decided to find something original in Minsk and for a long time I was not able to do it. Some days ago we were walking together with my Czech friend in the center and she noted one statue near a fountain.
“Oh”, she said, “Probably this is a statue of Trinity from the Matrix movie.”
“Of two Trinities,” my answer was.
May be that moment she wondered much as well as I wondered once in Budapest.
This is a great secret, but I would say the truth. In reality, these girls are ballet dancers. But how they are dancing! Even better than Trinity was fighting!

Two Trinities

There is no Marix as the background


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Juan 14 years ago

like pic 2

14 years ago Edited
Jorge Cardoso 14 years ago

great fun and great photos

14 years ago Edited
Christine 14 years ago

I love your story - good connection to the Matrix - you can see it in the way you've photographed them.

14 years ago Edited
Suprit 14 years ago

wow awesome statues.....

14 years ago Edited
Magpy 14 years ago

I really like this set. I love how you framed the last one

14 years ago Edited
Yanko V Fabila 14 years ago

Great story! Nice shots my friend!

14 years ago Edited
Dzmitry Samakhvalau 14 years ago

nora, i remember only that it was Pest. But I will see at my old photos and notes and will try to send more correct information. Another way, i think that in reality she was not a prostitute. The girl as the girl :)

14 years ago Edited
Nã³Ra 14 years ago

sorry, anonymus is me :)

14 years ago Edited
Carley 14 years ago

Beautiful favorite is #3

14 years ago Edited
Lynda 14 years ago

They are dancin'.

14 years ago Edited
Jozwi 14 years ago

Great pictures, so expressive!

14 years ago Edited
Kris 14 years ago

REALLY like #2. nice set!!!

14 years ago Edited