Hero City

by Dzmitry Samakhvalau May. 08, 2007 5925 views

The monument “Minsk is a Hero City”

To the 8th of May

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Yanko V Fabila 10 years ago

Very nice!

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Miclaud 10 years ago

I heard of that on TV. In Martinique, we celebrate the may 8 th, as in France...

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Sorin Krammer 10 years ago

Love the clouds!

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Suprit 10 years ago

wow beautiful!!!

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Sherij 10 years ago

beautiful!! just beautiful!!

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Jason 10 years ago

This should be an HDR candidate!

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Dzmitry Samakhvalau 10 years ago

Well, some words about The Hero City.
May 8 - 9 are Victory Days (win in the Second World War). Belarus and Minsk were occupied in 1941-1944 by Nazis and more than the forth part of our small nation was killed. But about 1,5 million Belarusians fighted in the Soviet Army, guerкilla groups (in reality, they controlled 30 per cent of all occupied territories), Polish Army (include some battles in the territory of Italy) and French Resistance. Minsk had its own strong Resistance movement and, in fact, it was always the point of war, not safe for the Nazis. Although Belarus was a republic of Soviet Union, in 1945 it became [u]one of the first founders and members of UNO[/u]. In 1970s UNO and Soviet authorities present Minsk with special order and the title of the Hero City.

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Natasha 10 years ago

I like the sky in this image.

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Carley 10 years ago

This is lovely! I love seeing Minsk through your eyes.....
What is the significance of May 8 in Minsk?

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Shahrouz Barzegar 10 years ago

beautiful place and lovely blue sky! nice shot!

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Magpy 10 years ago

very classic landscape. gorgeous

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Juan 10 years ago

love the colors

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Lynda 10 years ago

Nice photo. The clouds are so shapely and beautiful. What does it mean to be a "hero city'?

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Lisette 10 years ago

Nice shot.

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