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Mosar is a village in the north of Belarus that is often called as Little Versailles. It is known from the 16th century as a settlement of serf tillers. In the 18th century it was often visited by Stanislaw August, the last king of the Republic of Two Nations (of Poland and Lithuania). He even organized here the archaeological excavations “to find ancient gold”. He found nothing and then forgot about the village. The only reminder about the king is a Roman Catholic church built by him of the classicism style.
Mosar is situated far from all well-trodden ways. Thus for many and many years local people lived in their own countryside world. Civilization came to it slowly. Even in 1980s there were no normal roads connecting Mosar with other villages. During the Soviet time the church was closed and thus the inhabitants of Mosar were deprived even of God.
Everything was changed by one man. In 1988 the priest Joseph Bulka came here from Lithuania to revive the parish. He organized local people to restore their church and lands around it. Thanks to him the local authorities gave money to build a normal road. Moreover, he attracted specialists from the city to open a folk museum. He organized an annual June festival. Soon the village became a spot popular among tourists that go to see the ennobled place. Although Bulka is a very old man, he continues to think up more and more. For instance, he found another isolated village Paris not far from Mosar and he searches for investors to build there a tower like in French Paris. I believe his idea to found his new Little Paris will be successful and one day I will post a set about it.

PS. Well, Bulka and other movable people have a good chance to take care not only about Paris. There are some villages there with such names, as America, Mongolia, Palestine, Moravia, Bucks, Luckeys, Scums, etc.

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Sojourner 9 years, 3 months ago

#4 is balanced.

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Mikkal Noptek 9 years, 3 months ago

Nice place and beautiful pictures

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