A culture of LIE

by Orapisces April. 02, 2010 3340 views

I work 12 hours a day on average and some people do more. I know I had to work otherwise I won't be able to survive. In a system which sucks my blood like a leech, I am a slave of myself. I am in debt, they run me to run their system and I run to run my life.

What I earn is there to feed the system back. A life all surrounded by illusions, I escape and go clubbing, have some drinks and when I come back to my bed, I switch on to TV and there, I am injected with a propaganda against other Nations, they are bad and we are the saviour of the humanity. I spend all my day & night in a lie fed into us, all the time. In a system, where I don't have time for myself, how do I look for the truth? I am programmed to accept, what it want me to believe, I don't have any choice but to feed myself with a lie; Deep down in my heart somewhere, I know I am telling & living a lie!!

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