Resemblance Found In A Mailbox

by Ovini Sinclaire December. 26, 2017 387 views

There is something about mailboxes that I find peculiar. It is almost as if they have their unique personality. It might sound odd, but everything that takes up space changes a space. Mailboxes are no different. Have you noticed the resemblance to people in mailboxes? You have a standard blue mailbox resting on the corner, a group of mailboxes that can be described as a family gathering, or the individual mailbox, a symbol of independence. If you haven't notice, I encourage you to hone your vision and explore.

My communities reflection is in these mailboxes located along Highway 14, in Eden, North Carolina. Their diversity in detail resonates with me. I have friends whom are short and stout. Family members who are aging and are shrinking. Teachers whose behavior would be described as sideways and unorthodox. I'm sure you can relate to capturing images that remind you of your loved ones. What are those photo's?

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