Seeking Bravery

by Ovini Sinclaire December. 26, 2017 325 views

I have been sifting through past photographs in search of my photographic vision. What is my vision? Is the question, that I can't seem to sort out. I enjoy photographing youth. I've toyed around with landscape photography; it felt odd. Perhaps, it is me. I need to be consistent, and the vision will come. Just as this thought morphed into feelings of hope and patience, I unearthed this picture.

Street Performer, Istanbul, Turkey

Street Performer, Istanbul, Turkey

Taken in Istanbul, Turkey Fall of 2014. The streets of Istanbul lined with street artists, and performers is a treasure for anyone who is looking to for entertainment. I gravitated toward this young person because I wanted to know the language he was singing (Roma, Turkish) or a combination. I moved closer and heard a mixture of words with slurred speech; I wondered if they were deaf which would explain his incomprehensible bellowing. It wasn't enchanting, but it also wasn't ear retching. I remained for the entire performance.

Looking at this photograph, I feel a sense of bravery. I can barely sing a karaoke tune amongst friends and here is this young person serenading people. Maybe, what I am seeking is not a vision but bravery. Creating a photoblog is a level of exposure that scares me and this picture is a reminder that fortune favors the brave.

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