Train Yard

by Ovini Sinclaire December. 29, 2017 423 views

Budapest Train Yard. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest Train Yard. Budapest, Hungary

I tend to travel with a purpose beyond vacationing. In 2015, I traveled to Budapest to run a half-marathon. On the last day of training, I decided to explore the city. The streets are clean. The people are friendly. The transportation is consistent. The food is an acquired taste. I enjoyed the architecture: Art Nouveau, Gothic, Neo-Gothic, and Romantic styles. Each building was aesthetically pleasing, however, I wasn't drawn to photograph and felt overwhelmed.

I took a breath and headed toward the train yard. The walk over the bridge was meditative. I felt a calming energy that captivated my spirit. Following my intuition, I turned right and noticed the alignment of earthy elements. It all came together. Unearthing, this photograph reminded me to listen to my intuition because it will always steer me in the right direction.

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