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by David Robertson March. 29, 2020 225 views

Loving my life in Walla Walla, WA. Learning to drink wine, hiking in the gorge or in the Wallowas. Spending the time with the love of my life and trying to do as much as we can in the time we are here. The rest is spent working in agricultural research trying to limit loss of soil and water to give farmers something to hand down to their children and their children's children and tutoring English for a non-native speaker. Its a full plate and one that is tasty.

My photography has slowed in recent times and hoping this will provide a spark. I use a Pixel 3 phone, Sony a6000, Mamiya C330, and an Olympus XA2. I have traveled to 34 countries, but that will have to take a backseat while the pandemic goes on. Living in a remote place makes for some remote socially distanced offerings. Our home last weekend.

And a remote drive we took today near the Snake River of Washington. These things will keep us sane and we are trying to stay remote and alone.

Keeping our distance from the two cows on the hill

Keeping our distance from the two cows on the hill

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