TECH 1004:Assignment 1: "Chaos"

by Bradley Dugmore November. 22, 2016 314 views


Photo shot on a Canon 500 D, Using the EF 24-105 mm lens,

ISO speed: ISO 700

F-Stop: f/4

Exposure Time: 1/4000s

Focal Length:  Fixed:24 mm

Date of photo: 22/11/16

Time of photo: 15:46:32

In any cities all commuters know the hours of the dreaded rush hour, where traffic is almost standstill. Millions of weary workers stumble into their cars to escape the bitter cold dreaming of being home tucked up with a hot cup of tea. These darker days and bitter cold mean the urge to get home is that much more paramount, this leads to a chaotic experience on the roads. Any open space on the roads is filled with a blur of cars. This is the inspiration for my photo I tried to create a blur effect by intentionally putting the foreground with the cars on out of focus.

I achieved this blur effect by increasing the shutter speed , the fast shot plus the fast movement of the cars as I take the shot create the blur effect, what I really like is it really just slows down something that is so fast and chaotic.

bur effect, rush hour chaos

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