TECH 1004:Assignment 1: "Cuisine"

by Bradley Dugmore November. 22, 2016 480 views


Photo shot on a Canon 500 D, Using the EF 24-105 mm lens,

ISO speed: ISO 800

F-Stop: f/4

Exposure Time: 1/6400

Focal Length:  Fixed:24 mm

Date of Photo:22/11/16

Time of Photo: 16:03:11


In this photo I begin to explore cuisine the fast food element in particular. 'McDonald's' in particular. Yes the golden arches the flamboyant big brother of the fast food chains, without a doubt the largest and most popular fast food chain in the world. There is no escape from the allure of the golden arches; from the adverts,Ronald McDonald, controversy(SuperSize Me), or even just the enticing smell of a double cheeseburger ever present on all high streets. 37,000 stores world wide, so there is literally no avoiding "Maccies" bar hipsters and cavemen , we have all endulged and contributed to the large pockets of the Divine yet Barbaric McDonalds corporation.

I tried to capture a McDonalds store but I didn't want it to be so in your face, alike what we have come to expect with the bright neon lights outside McDonalds stores everywhere. It truly proves McDonalds is unmistakable and so easily recognisable.

I significantly lowered the shutter speed to darken the image I like how the image is such an understatement and doesn’t give you a lot but the story is deeper within, I zoomed in on the logo of a local 'McDonalds' the simplicity and implicit nature is what I like about this photo.

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