TECH 1004:Assignment 1: "Culture"

by Bradley Dugmore November. 22, 2016 596 views


Photo shot on a Canon 500 D, Using the EF 24-105 mm lens,

ISO speed: ISO 200

F-Stop: f/4

Exposure Time: 1/100 seconds

Focal Length:Fixed:24 mm

Date Photo was taken: 22/11/2016 

Time of Photo:15:46:01

Hipsters... The somewhat "cringey" term for those who really don't fit into society , a cult born from trying to be original and edgy. This culture strives not to be mainstream, with unorthodox views, original fashion  listening to alternative music the list is endless.  Littered throughout cities there are run down areas rejuvenated a gentrification of society. From cereal cafes to marijuana smoking barber shop's (strictly an assumption) I tried to find a section of area that really hits home to those baggy jean wearing, beanie hat loving ,middle class non conformist individuals in society. 

This photo was shot near the 'Phoenix Cinema' where many Film modules are taken on a Canon EOS 5D Mark III. My inspiration for this photo was to really start to demonstrate what hipster culture is. 

This photo was my attempt at really capturing the beauty of a Graffiti piece, while trying to show all the details in a renovated "hipster" area.

This is a culture, and for some a very way of life.

Photoshopped Version,

I added satirical text and adjustment layers onto curved fencing to create a contrast.


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