Class: Armistice

by Paynton Jepson November. 24, 2016 315 views

Class: Armistice

Location: Church Lane, Desford, Leicester, LE9 9GD 

Taken: 19/11/16 12:11 

Camera Model: Canon EOS 700D 

ISO: 1600 




In Desford, there is a memorial statue dedicated to the courageous soldiers who fought for our nation during the first world war. As the statue has a crucifix on it, I felt like this was a perfect opportunity the see how well I could put the golden ratio into my work. The reason I have put it into class is because in 1914 teenage boys that are my age and are from a working class family like myself put all that behind them and went out to battle for our country and some subsequently lost their lives. 

The reason I am aware of this stone is because it is down the road from the college where I went and completed my A-levels. This shot took many takes due to the position of where the statue is, getting the photograph required me to stand in the middle of the road. Implementing the golden ratio (spiral) meant that I needed to take the photograph portrait to make it more noticeable that I had attempted it. On the camera, I turned the dial on the top from the auto 'P' settings to the landscape settings which altered the ISO settings, focal length, exposure and aperture. When the settings changed, I had to slightly change the settings to benefit the photograph and get the end result.

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