Aperture Controlled Images

by Gvidas Lipinas October. 05, 2016 322 views

The task was to take a series of photographs where we had to control the aperture setting appropriately to get the desired look of a underexposed, appropriately lit image and a overexposed image. I was working with Lizzie Gill and Charlotte Fish for this set of photos.

Underexposed Portrait

1/250 - F4.0 - ISO200

Normal Lit Image

1/160 - F2.5 - ISO400

Over Exposed Image

1/40 - F1.8 - ISO200

Under Exposed Image

1/80 - F11 - ISO200

Normal Lit Image

1/80 - F3.5 - ISO200

Over Exposed Image

1/50 - F1.8 - ISO200

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