Worship Culture

by Rhianna Morris November. 24, 2016 1000 views

When you think of music culture, instantly, there is a buzz about different music styles, genre's and everything involving music is up for discussion. The same can not be said for worship Culture. In some ways, it can be seen as a taboo or controversial  subject, not to be brought up. Worship and the church culture is always stereotyped into this frame bracket of being boring, traditional, an organ player... the list goes on. I wanted to capture what the worship culture really is like, in order to challenge the stereotype. Worship Culture can be contemporary, vibrant and all in all not at all as people in society perceive it to be.

Worship Culture

I captured this picture to show this idea that in a worship environment, there is a significant difference from the culture of industry music, to this culture. In a worship culture, being on stage and singing is never a performance, it is never about the musician but about the song itself. This photo shows that the girl in focus is not thinking about her own performance, which is a key concept in the culture.


The musician culture nowadays is very popular in society. There are so many bands and so many musicians that bring such good music to our ears. In a worship band, it is the exactly same principal. Again this stereotype is passed around about church bands not having the same skill level as industry professionals. I captured this photograph to also show the contemporary vibe, challenging the stereotype of the 'traditional' Christian culture.


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