Week 4 Composition Part 1

by David Ormshaw November. 02, 2016 358 views

So we mainly experimented with the composition of our photos this week but we also made use of other lenses as well to get different images from the camera. We made use of a fisheye lens and a wide angle lens.

Ben with Rembrandt-esque lighting on his face.

We did portraits first to work on composition in terms of humans and where you can position faces and bodies within the frame to make them the most aesthetically pleasing.

Ben in an extreme close-up with very dim lighting.

We also made sure to do an extreme close-up so we could learn about the composition of portraits even further.

A full body shot of Ben outside.

To focus on our composition further we also looked at how to photography full body shots in conjunction with the background to create interesting photos. I particularly like the leading lines in this photo as the direct your eye towards the subject of the photo.

Ben mid shot.

We had to also take a shot from the navel upwards and this is what I came up with.

Another important shot to try out was composition from a distance. While I framed Ben in the centre of the picture I also made sure the lines of the pathway lead towards him.

This was what I managed to take for a dynamic close up, as you can see the image is tilted and taken from a higher angle than the subject. In this way I had captured him in a way thats different from all the other photos I had taken already.

For this full body dynamic shot I tried to use the environment to frame the subject and I think it worked quite well, I had also wanted to frame his head with the circular window behind it but I was more concered with framing him within his environment as a whole.

Picture of a guy sitting down looking at the viewer. Taken using a fisheye lens

This was more of an experimental picture which I took with the fisheye lens.

A picture of ben sitting down in a warped room.

This was a more distant shot using the fisheye lens, I found it interesting because of how the building curves around ben as if it is gravitating towards him.

This is a lot like the full body shot I took earlier of ben but I used a wide angle lens for this picture and for that reason a lot more of the background is captured too.

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