Practical One: Camera Settings

by Stacey Elouise October. 20, 2016 282 views

For our first practical we were given, in groups, a Canon 700D and a task list of photos to take. We then went out and got these photos for our blogs and to get people accustomed to working with DSLR cameras and also groups.  

For the tasks we had to work with aperture only to learn how this affects our photos. We were given subjects and asked for 3 photos from each showing an over exposed, a correct exposure and an under exposed version. Here are my photos from this task. 

Task Photo: Portrait in bright lighting.

Task photo: Portrait in dull lighting

Task Photo: Portrait in dullest lighting

Task Photo: Moving subject, bright lighting

Task Photo: Moving subject, dull lighting

Task Photo: Moving subject, dullest lighting

Then we were asked to photograph an object in the same place but taken from different distances from that object. 

Here are my photos. 

Task Photo: Subject from 30cm distance.

Task Photo: Subject from 1 metre away

Task Photo: Subject 2 metres away.

I learnt from this that aperture is very key in getting the right lighting conditions for your photos but to get the best results from aperture you have to work with your other camera settings too. 

I also learnt that distance is important for focus and composition of an image. 

I enjoyed this task and it helped refresh my memory of camera settings. 

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Stacey Elouise Sellers,


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