Coursework Assignment 1

by Stacey Elouise December. 06, 2016 706 views

So for this assignment I had to take photos using 3 of the 7 topics given which were;

Class, Chaos, Cuisine, Culture, Comedy, conflict and Consumption

I chose Class, Chaos and Cuisine. 

Here are the photos I took:

For this photo I decided to go for a less obvious topic and that is the topic of class of drugs. I decided then to photograph a roll up made to look like drugs and I used motion blur to emphasise the subject as blurriness is a side effect of some drugs. 

To get motion blur I used a lower shutter speed. I also used a blue toned white balance to make the photo cold and negative like the subject. 

My Settings:

Shutter speed: 1/13 

ISO: 200 

Aperture: F 5  

Focal Length: 69mm 

I decided to photograph the chaos that is building IKEA furniture and so I took a close up of the cause of the chaos; the instructions and the tools and equipment used. For this photo I used the settings:

Shutter speed: 1/40 

ISO: 200 

Aperture: F 5 

Focal Length: 50mm

For this photo I went to one of my favourite food places: Wetherspoon's and took a photo of the meal I usually always order as this is what cuisine means to me. 

Camera Settings:

Shutter Speed:  1/50 

ISO: 3200 

Aperture: F 2.8 

Focal Length: 17mm  

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