TECH1004 SubmissionA

by Martyna Starega November. 23, 2016 950 views


Chaos - In a student's head
Since I have became a student I am forced to do a lot of different and new things that I have never done before. Doing completely new tasks for the first time is always a challenge and require good time management as well as gaining knowledge in the particular field. This is what I want to show on my picture. The chaos in a student's head; the chaos of all the new experiences in the new home, city, university or community we are facing. The colorful circle around the man's head shows exactly those things. The colours in the rainbow have to always go together, same as our daily duties. The man's face is scared because he is afraid of the unknown; he is not sure if he can manage all of this.  The background is mostly dark but the viewer is still able to see city landscape lit up. I needed that effect to underline a major influence of the city. All this chaos started exactly when I moved in right here- in Leicester.  I edited that photo by playing around with the basic settings in the external Photoshop window- the one that displayed when I opened the raw file. I needed to make the background a bit darker because on the right side of the photo it was possible to see my shadow. That is caused because during making the shoot I had to jump into the photo and draw the circle by the light, when the model had to stay fixed.



Comedy- Old-fashioned joke
The first thing which comes to my mind when I think about a funny photo is the scene in which viewers do not see the joke at first. And then, after a short while of looking, they notice what the point of the scene is.  The photo presents one of the classic jokes. The boy had replaced sugar with salt before the girl started preparing the tea. He is waiting for the time when she realize what he did.  I've used the daylight coming from the kitchen's window as well as the reflector. I wanted the girl to be in a good light, and be visible whilst he boy is in the shadow, because he is hiding.



Cuisine - It's all about the pasta
Pasta is the easiest and also one of the cheapest option for the student's dinner. When I moved out from my family home I realised that cooking takes a lot of time and money and since then I really appreciated all kinds of pasta.  The photo shows a toy which is drowning in the boil full of pasta. It is a soldier because it represents the fact that, as a student, I have to fight for the good grades, even if I am cursed with eating pasta most of the week days for some reasons. One of those reasons could be a very busy period at university, which is what I presented in the background with a bunch of the books and notebooks.  To make this shoot I used the daylight and external flashlight.

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