How I See It's Photoblog365 Posts

Reminds me of childhood days when I would look out the window of the car during a long road trip trying to figure out what the clouds looked like.

Casio 'Marlin' Duro 200 (MDV-106) with "Bond" Nato Strap. They say this is the best beater dive watch under $50.

It takes courage to spread out wings to fly... Well, some say life will beat you down Break your heart, steal your crown So I've started out for God-knows-where…

The kids went back to school last week. Here is a picture of their backpacks ready and waiting to go to school in the morning.

Empenada - filipino style. Stuffed with ground beef, potatoes, green peas, hard boiled egg, and raisins. Don't know why there are raisins though....

Arrows tell us which direction we should go. This is a picture of a recruitment postcard that is on my refrigerator. . Isn't this what some want? A long life?