Paintbox's posts from November 2007

Come along with us for another walk. We never know what it might bring. Rascal knows the routine and he waits while I get my camera.

This is my sister Patsy and her husband Calvin who celebrated their 40th anniversary on the 22nd of November. Congratulations to both of you.

I guess this robin decided to stay here instead of flying south with the rest. Right now he has found some lovely apples to dine on but it's going to be a long…

Riding out to Story, which is about 15 miles from here - I tried to capture a storm moving in. The light was very beautiful and interesting.

Out walking yesterday I saw a flash of red about 40 feet up in a tree. An apple. It was safely tucked away for later dining.

It's a great bonding time when Rascal gets a haircut. Most of the time he's hyperactive but when I cut his hair he sits very still and is really good. (In my…