This started out as 6 or 8 antelope but by the time I stopped the car they took off. By gosh I was going to get an antelope picture and I did, this lone buck…

Out walking with Rascal today we met this flock of turkeys. Looking closer, I see they're coming towards us. This hasn't happened before. I'm a little…

Not being a sports fan, I'm not sure what this was. I call it two man football or catch. Clue me in if you want. Whatever, they were having a good time.

There were about 20 of these hen pheasants on top of a little dirt knob. The rooster was there, too, but he took off……..chicken!!!

Rascal didn't know whether he should be proud of this new decoration in his tail or ashamed. Then when I tried to photograph it he decided it was pretty great.

New people bought the old house and they're doing a lot of remodeling. I'm afraid some day I'll walk by and this mailbox will be gone too.

Isn't it amazing to you that these roses have waited their entire lifetime to bloom just at this very moment in time?

I've taken several pictures of these this summer trying to get a little brighter green, different times of the day, etc. Just can't get the color like I want.…