Adrienneb's Flower Posts

So hot today, 36 celsius. Driving past a house I saw a bed of Shasta daisies. They looked so cool and fresh I stopped to admire them. Knocked on the door and…

I've been shooting flowers with mu macrolens but its so hard to get something different in this genre. Gave up yesterday. So this is it! I've been unable to…

I bought a bunch of flowers from our local store, but they were really bad. I threw most of them away but this one has survived for more than 2 weeks. So I had…

The dried head of an agapanthus appealed to me... fragile, delicate and past its prime, like an elegant old lady!

The granadilla (passion fruit) is starting to flower so I got this macro shot after a bit of rain yesterday.

Thanks to you Helen (girafferacing) I used my husbands lighting set up, strobe with grid. Experimenting, looking for better subjects!

Calla lilies are so elegant, I keep trying to convey that with mixed success, this is one of my personal favorites.