arenal-belize and guatemala border town

by Pamela June. 07, 2008 14494 views

arenal is such a magical place to be. i spend most of the day on the guatemala side. the people of this village are very low-keyed, welcoming, and nice.

getting my day started

on my way to arenal

arenal the belizean/guatemalan border town. what you are looking at is the guatemala side

this is on the belize side

i have one foot on the belize side and one foot on the guatemala side

lovely guatemala

up until recently this suspension bridge broken. i got dizzy crossing it. also notice what is written on the wall…who would have thunk it…i don't represent things like this but the irony of this picture

view of the mopan river.

guatemala plates…i'm loving this!

it's hot out there. taking a rest on the porch of a tiny store. the folks of arenal are sooo nice

most of you think my fresh water jaws phobia is crazy, well i have proof they do exist!!! as soon as i stepped into the waters of the mopan river they began to attack me! belize me next time!!!

sitting under this amazing tree with a hole in it. this is taken with one of the girls who live in arenal. a very talented young person

another talented young girl from arenal who took us around the village on the guatemala side. we came across many people working on the land.

this is the cashew nut (the green thing) and the blossom..apparently the blossom is sweet and tasty (there's even cashew wine made from this)

more guatemala

hanging out in the field where a new guatemala primary school sits. aaaaaahhhhh the wonderful bucolic smells…

wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up to this as your backyard every morning?? the scenery is amazing and i truly had a teary-eyed moment

i actually caught this little chicky…we were invited to sit and rest at a family's home as we passed by on our way to the car. this is now on the belize side. this family makes masa and as this picture was taken fresh masa was made…it smells wonderful!! lots of chickens…i love chickens!!

don't you wish you could just take him home? this cute little puppy loved his tummy rubbed and a scratch behind the ears. he wouldn't leave me alone. ain't he cute…

i didn't catch this duck. one of the little girls who live here saw how much i loved chasing the chickens and ducks so she caught two for me here is one of them…he's sooo cute

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Mindy 10 years, 4 months ago

look at you, the country girl! it does look so beautiful.

10 years, 4 months ago Edited