o4-18-08 Drop Dead Gorgeous

by Tracy April. 18, 2008 2683 views

Yup- more flower shots.

Last night my husband walked through the door bearing sushi in one hand and these flowers in the other. Since these two things (sushi and fresh flowers) are two of my favorite things…he done good.

However, I have horrible allergies and am extremely sensitive to certain smells. Long story short…the flowers are killing me. I have had a headache since I laid eyes on them, and my eyes are itching like crazy. I actually try to hold my breath when I walk by them, as if that is going to do anything.

Why dont I get rid of them? Just can't do it. They're too pretty….to fresh…and it was a sweet gesture. I have to wait it out another day or so. Thank goodness I will be gone with Julie to a bridal shower tomorrow. Then Andre and I are FINALLY getting our date. Sooooo I will be out of the house a lot.

I totally missed multiple photo opps today! Since we finished up the TCAP, we had a celebration. There was an Astro Jump, face painting, and out door games on the playground. We spent the entire afternoon out there with tons of kids. The hip hop was blaring, and it was really cute seeing the little kinder kids breaking it down, doing all the dances! I accidentally left my camera at home! ughhhhh! Julie was snapping shots the whole time, so I really hoping she got some good ones to post.

Ok, I know I am jumping around from subject to subject. Sorry. But I have to tell everyone that we went out and got a Wii tonight! I am super excited, since we have been dreaming about this for ages. Andre is hooking it all up as I type. YAY! Can't wait to play and make my Wii Mii. What I really think will be great is getting Andre's parents to play when they visit next month. :)

Alright, enough rambling for tonight.

Going to get my game on,


hyacinth flowers

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Megan 13 years ago

What a sweetheart! I have these growing in my back yard and I didn't know what they were until now. Thanks for sharing!!! Sushi and presents are a few of my favorite things too! You are a lucky girl!

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Iris St.Onge 13 years ago

They are beautiful!! ; )

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Anjie 13 years ago

They are so beautiful!
I got some flowers this week as well -- what blessed women we are huh :-) I know how you feel, as I get hayfever from them as well though.
Enjoy your Wii -- too cool!

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Lynda 13 years ago

Nice set.

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Kerry 13 years ago

These are beautiful Tracy... i'm sorry you're having such horrible allergies though! :(
Ummm, and as for Wii... How exciting! My cousin has one that we used to play all the time but recently it's been neglected as we have turned on video gaming to "Rock Band" when we get a chance to play... like last night... and funny enough, we discussed how we should start playing Wii again... I hope you enjoy it! YAY!

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Oldbabe 13 years ago

Allergies. Yes, they do tend to dampen enjoyment of a lot of things.
I like #2.
I'm not sure I know what a Wii or a Wii Mi are, but have fun with it!

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Lissa 13 years ago

Oh, and I just noticed how you tagged this post - very, very funny!

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Lissa 13 years ago

Beautiful flowers! I love the colors and the way you arranged them. Congrats on the Wii!

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Marsha 13 years ago

Beautiful flowers.. It sounds like you will have a fun fill weekend. Have a wonderful time.. Get your game on.

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Julie 13 years ago

Very pretty flowers. I love how you have them arranged. At least, you can look at them electronically and not have an allergy attack:)
I am so excited for you getting a Wii....Yipee!!

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Breezer M. 13 years ago

omg this whole thing is hilarious. you're such a riot. a) i totally feel your pain with the fresh flower bit. i'm the same way, i DIE when i'm anywhere near such fresh beauties, but do i hesitate to stick my nose right in there for a sniff of their sweet scent!? of course not! and then i promptly sneeze and have to run away before my face melts off lol b) the celebration sounds like it was amazing. i hope that jules got some shots. kinder kids gettin' down...lol that's great. c) your enthusiasm for the Wii is excellent haha i would have never guessed but now that you say it i can TOTALLY see you getting into it! i played a bunch with my friends back home and it is really fun! my Wii Mii is like the spittinng image it's too funny.

hope you have a super duper weekend we all need to see your Wii Mii stat.

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Ellen 13 years ago

Very sweet hubby you have! Love how you shot the first pic - very cool!! Now that you have a Wii....will you still have time to blog???

Have a great weekend!

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