06-25-08 Quick Trip to the Zoo

by Tracy June. 25, 2008 2469 views

Every Wed. in the summer, our very own Chattanooga Zoo has what I loving call…dollar days. Yup, everyone gets in for a buck. Can't beat that, right? Oh, and Cash was free!! Awesome.

My friend, Addie, and her little cutie-pie daughter, Myla, picked us up this morning, and we attempted to beat the heat by getting there early. It's kind of a small zoo, but it's pretty nice. There are some really random types of animals…would really like to know how they decided to go with the “Dracula deer” and the “Red Panda.”

Oh well, it was a fun morning out. The kids seem to like it, and it gave Miss Addie and I a chance to gab, gab, and then gab some more. These are kind of random shots from the event, but there was a lot of glass and fences that had to be shot through. It didn't make my photo assignment very easy.

Ohhh, AND sorry for soooo many.


Please check out the following past date [photoblog.com] to see the final product from my time spent in the craft room! Do it! It's a must see. :)

Later Gator-


You looking at me?

He guards the walkway.

Sweet little Red Panda…dont you just want to snuggle with him?

Not so happy I was taking a picture…even though there was glass between us.

Myla and…

Cash want closer looks.

We done yet?

Relaxing and maxing…you know how it is.

Cash does not want a picture with mom…

Myla promptly follows suit. :)

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Zajä…C 11 years, 11 months ago

my fav #2 & #14 :)

11 years, 11 months ago Edited
Merin 12 years ago

These are just incredible!!! Love them! :)

12 years ago Edited
Anjie 12 years ago

All such great shots!
Whats the animal in #2? He's a crazy looking thing!

12 years ago Edited
Breezer M. 12 years ago

fun!!! so cute. LOL at number 2, i have to fav it.

12 years ago Edited
Vterezia 12 years ago

LOVELY SHOTS :).............WELL DONE!!!!!!

12 years ago Edited
Japarker 12 years ago

Love the 2nd shot - what an interesting character!

12 years ago Edited
Abbeyh13 12 years ago

awesome awesome shots!!!
8 and 9 are simply adorable!

12 years ago Edited
Kerry 12 years ago

Great shots Tracy - and I love the Red Panda - I think they are soooo cute! :)

12 years ago Edited
Vas ÁDã¡M 12 years ago

Nice photos. I like especialy the nr 6, 8 and 9

12 years ago Edited
Julie 12 years ago

The funky bird and the monkeys are my favorites!

12 years ago Edited
Oldbabe 12 years ago

I wonder how peacocks evolved to have feathers with eyes. They are such magnificent creatures.

I like the monkeys hanging out in the "windows". And the other monkeys looking through the windows!

Don't know what that bit of whimsy was in 13, but I always love a little whimsy!

12 years ago Edited
Marco Stefano Vitiello 12 years ago


12 years ago Edited
Mat 12 years ago

BAM! #2 is a fantastic shot - so full of whimsy! And I love that you chose to also focus on the feet in #3 ... A gal after my own heart! =)

12 years ago Edited
Askrubies Chichiwee 12 years ago

very nice and cute. seem that you all have a very good time.

12 years ago Edited
Sendao 12 years ago

great shots !...I really like from 1 to 5!...

12 years ago Edited
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