Day 23/24 - English-isms and Impression-ism

by Parismadridfun October. 02, 2014 2010 views

After a long day at uni yesterday, my friend and I decided that we had a valid excuse to get takeaway pizza - pizzahut has never tasted so good, after nearly 7 hours of lectures in French, you really need it!
Today was day off! After heading to the bank to pick up my new card (I now have a fully functioning French bank account YAY), we played the tourism card again and went over to the 16th arrondissement to have a wander round the Monet art exhibition (and several other impressionist artists too). I adore his art, it's so pretty, but I only got one picture because after that we were told pictures weren't allowed (sad times!). After wandering round the museum, our Swiss friend (who was also with us) asked us to come shopping with her…so we headed down to Chatelet and I ended up treating myself to a new jacket/cardi (it could be defined as either) with the money the bank gave me for signing up (20 euros - not complaining!). After a quick drink (and some chips, really miss those), headed home and now chilling in the flat, ready for a bite to eat before settling down with a film and the duvet (as per).

Also, rode at the front of a driver-less metro today, it was exciting (although you can't really tell from the picture)!

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