Days 25-28 : Weekend Stuff!

by Parismadridfun October. 06, 2014 1162 views

It's been a few days again, I can't keep up with this daily thing, sorry - I suck at remembering things! So much so that I honestly can't remember what I did on Friday! So I'll start with Saturday! Saturday morning I enjoyed a long awaited (well…since Monday) lie-in before meeting my friend to do a bit of work before wandering into my local area (I can't call it town because everywhere is town within Paris!) to buy a little gift for a friend whose birthday gathering we were heading to that evening. After being unsure on what we could get her, we decided that a little cake and a card would be a good option (although apparently birthday cards isn't as much of a thing in France as it is back home!). So we bought a little cake and then happened across a florist and decided a bunch of flowers would also be a nice gesture. I was actually really impressed with the florist, as we picked up a bunch of flowers in plastic wrapper as you would in England, but when we got to the desk to pay, the lady cut the flowers out of the plastic and wrapped them in tissue paper free of charge, making them look much lovelier than they previously did! So we headed out to the party, arriving fashionably late after getting ever so slightly lost around Gare de l'Est, and had a lovely evening, meeting a few new people and seeing a friend we'd made on the first weekend who had been away for the past 3 weeks. Sunday was another lie in (as we were up chatting until gone 3am!) before facing the third week of uni starting today - how time flies!! It was also lovely to catch up with a friend on a year abroad in Singapore via Skype this evening!!

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