Days 40-60 (A summary) - Busy bee!

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I have not written on this for so long! Apologies! It's been a busy three weeks and I've not had time/forgotten/not had internet/not had my laptop and many other excuses!

So last I wrote, I was having a chill day on the Saturday before my parents arrived for a visit on the Sunday. This did not happen. Instead, on a whim, my friend and I decided that Saturday, being a beautiful day, was the day to go and explore Ile de la Cité, in the very centre of Paris, a small plot of land blocked into an island by the river Seine. We started off at La Chapelle, a lovely looking gothic church. Thinking it was just a nice church we went inside and weren't overly impressed with what we saw. Then we headed to the upstairs of the church and were completely overwhelmed by a) the incredible stained glass windows that covered floor to ceiling and b) that we couldn't see half of them (including the famous Rose window, a large circular one) due to work being done. However, despite the work, we spent a good 20 minutes looking over the windows we could see, and looking at the depictions of Bible stories from different Bible books on each window, including The Last Supper.
Following this trip to La Chapelle we moved slightly down the road to The Conciergerie, a building created by the first King of France as his palace, but deemed not good enough by future generations, thus transformed into a jail. Palace/jail, no difference, right? The palace/jail currently resides as a museum/exhibition centre, so we took some time to look around before heading back across and off the island, stopping at the Lock Bridge and Notre Dame (as per usual - I must have been to Notre Dame 4 times now!) along the way.

Sunday came around, and my friend and I traipsed along to the apartment my parents would be renting and put a wash on for me in the washing machine (saved me paying for it!), whilst making dinner for my family because we're ever so kind. Dinner was ready by about 7.30pm, and 2 hours later, my parents and sister showed up. Not sure what took them so long, but the metro can be a pain and a very long trip so I'll blame that!
Throughout the week I still had several lectures, some including exams, but managed to see my family here and there. On Monday evening we had a meal with some friends of my mum from a long time ago, and Tuesday we were joined by the son of some family friends, who was in Paris to see the badminton. On Thursday we spent the day with the family friends and my dad's cousin (who lives in Switzerland), and in the evening we were joined by two of the children of said family friends for a meal courtesy of my dear father. Friday constituted a good old shopping trip, heading to several of the expensive superstores (one of which contained the first Christmas tree I’d seen – it’s starting to get festive!) and gaping at the crazy prices. On Saturday, my sister and I headed out to Disneyland Paris for a day being children. (I love Disney if you didn't already know, and I now have an annual pass for Disneyland Paris, so I can now just tootle off there on a whim if I have a free weekend whilst I'm here)!
We managed to get on around 10 rides during the day, including Indiana Jones, which broke just as we joined the queue, so we ended up waiting about 50 minutes for it to start again, but managed to get straight on because most of the rest of the queue had given up by this point! Favourite ride is still Thunder Mountain (which is also my favourite ride in Florida - yes, I admit, I have withdrawal symptoms).
On Sunday we spent some time as a family (not a lot, but some) before my parents and sister headed back to the airport to get home to Manchester. I then had 3 hours or so to pack my bag before also having to head to the airport to visit my boyfriend in York for a week. Sadly my flight was delayed, and after a wait of about 2 and a half hours on the Paris side I landed in England around 10.15pm. From here, my boyfriend met me and it then took us another hour and a half to get back to his house in York, as we had to get a bus from Leeds-Bradford airport to Leeds train station, followed by a train to York, followed by a 20 minute walk home. They need to put a trainline in from the airport if you ask me!
I had a lovely week in York, heading out for cocktails with some mutual friends of myself and my boyfriend on Tuesday evening, meeting up with a friend from Manchester who also goes to York Uni on Wednesday, and spending some quality time with my man every day, including a lovely meal out at La Tasca on Halloween (nothing to do with Halloween, that just happened to be the night we decided to go out) and making some “Chocolate Crunch”, a favourite dessert from school lunches, the recipe for which we’d just managed to get our hands on!
Sunday came round again and I had to head back to Paris. Reluctantly I dragged myself away from my second home (York) and caught my flight back to Paris. No time to mope though, as I had exams (or at least I thought I did) the next day.
Monday I was due to have 2 exams, one in grammar and a vocab test (yes, a vocab test, apparently we are 13 year old children again) in my translation class. AS it happened, my English teacher couldn't make the class so that one was cancelled. The English teachers not making class seemed to be a running theme this week, as my other English classes on a Wednesday were also cancelled. Therefore, 3 of my 4 exams this week didn't actually happen!
Yesterday was Thursday Funday (my friend and I both have the day off on a Thursday), and we headed to Centre Pompidou, a huge modern art centre in the 4th arrondissement. We probably spent a good 3 and a half hours in there, and that was only seeing the main museum part (the free bit) and not the non-permanent exhibitions. These 3 and a half hours led me to the conclusion that I do not understand modern art at all. My friend's favourite quote from me was “Let's face it, this isn't art, it's graffiti” as we stood in a room composed of a 4 walled chalk board in which the public are invited to write their own “heartfelt” messages. Some things were quite pretty, but if you asked me to tell you what they meant, I could definitely not give an answer!
After the Centre Pompidou, we decided to head over to the Eiffel tower, as my friend hadn't actually made it there in the 2 months that we've been here. After a lot of selfies and “artistic pictures” she headed home and I headed off to meet a friend from work in York who is in Paris for the weekend. I took her and her friends out into the 5th arrondissement for a cheap meal out, whether it was worth waiting nearly 2 hours for our food at a price of 10 euros is debatable, but it was lovely to catch up with her.

Christmas Tree in Galerie La Fayette


Chocolate Crunch!

Centre Pompidou from the outside

“Modern Art” aka Graffiti

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