¡Bienvenido a España!

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Last time I wrote on here, I was still in Paris, sort of forgot about it, as I was putting all of my pictures on Facebook anyway! Apologies that it has been over 2 months! A lot has happened, including 21st birthday, finishing my time in Paris, Christmas, Wales for New Year and moving here to Madrid in January! Skirting over the final weeks in Paris, which were of course thoroughly enjoyable, despite having to say goodbye to some great friends I made there, I'll move on to Madrid. Even though I've only been here for 3 weeks, I've already managed to do an awful lot. Having moved into a flat on the 11th January, where a friend from school spent the previous 5 months and recommended it to me, within 3 hours of meeting my new flatmates, two of them asked me to go on a trip to Seville with them the following weekend. Of course, the motto of Year Abroad being “Always say yes”, I accepted, albeit slightly nervously! Best decision I could have made! So in my first week I spent a lot of time with my friend from home being shown the in's and out's of Madrid, before she headed home for a couple of weeks and carried on her own adventure to Paris herself. I went into the university and through a few hiccups over the past 3 weeks have finally sorted modules out properly and am fully inscribed to everything I need to be…administration isn't only bad in France it would seem!
So the second weekend I went to Seville with the two flatmates, an Indian guy and a German girl. It was so much fun, and we got so much done, though sleeping on a bus the first night wasn't the most comfortable thing! Seville is probably the most beautiful city I've ever seen and I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a cultural and beautiful summer holiday, there's an awful lot of exploring to be done!
The following week passed by, and the weekend we headed off on our travels once again, this time hiring a car and driving down to Córdoba and Granada - don't worry, I didn't drive! (Other side of the car and other side of the road was just a bit too much for me to cope with!) Both cities were an awful lot of fun, Córdoba was beautiful and we happened across a really sweet Roman market, immediately regretting the lunch we'd just had and wishing we could have eaten there! Though we spent less time in Granada (which I didn't really mind because I'd been there before), it was beautiful too, especially the Alhambra and the views you got from various towers there!
This week, more lectures, and a break from travelling this weekend, time to stay and get to know my other flatmates better and explore more of Madrid!

Roman Bridge at Cordoba

Beautiful mountain view from the Alhambra, Granada

Seville Cathedral

Gardens at the Alcazar, Seville

Plaza de España, Seville

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