Fountain Filler

by Paula Burns December. 31, 2017 359 views
Longwood Gardens, Kennet Square, Pennsylvania

Longwood Gardens, Kennet Square, Pennsylvania

I have been diligently working on my photo a day by bringing my camera out, finding something to capture, snapping the photo, and writing it all down in my analog journal every day. I even walked in the bitter cold to drop off my film to request a special service and was excited that I would have three days of postings to work on over the weekend from the scans. Well we got hit with a bit of a snow storm today and it seems that the developing will most likely get done next week (the lab only does special order film requests twice a week ). So I am posting a filler shot in December 2016.

This shot was done towards the end of light on the first day of winter so the light is a bit wonky, but I was really excited to capture the movement of the water. This was shot at a f1.8 on a bulb exposure (probably a slow count of two) and resting on a metal railing.

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Russell Smith 3 years ago

Beautiful. What film did you use if I may ask.

3 years ago Edited
Paula Burns Replied to Russell Smith 3 years ago

Kokak TMax most likely since local shop primarily carries that film.  One of the things I am excited about this year is that I have already bought eleven different brands of film to try out and see if I have a few favorites.

3 years ago Edited
Russell Smith Replied to Paula Burns 3 years ago

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the different brands. I am still shopping for an old mechanical slr with either a 35mm or 50mm on it . The ones I have are in various states of death :(

3 years ago Edited