40/365 Palms

by Paula Burns February. 09, 2018 362 views

Had to take a quick one day trip to Florida today and insisted that if I was going to be in sunny Florida in February, that I had to see the sky, water, and palm trees. This was a quick stop off of Route 1 at a park along the Indian River. It had every element that I wanted to see all in one place. Because of the quickness of my trip I took a roll of Fuji 120 film and threw it into a Holga.

For those that are not familiar with a Holga it is in the toy camera category. It is made of almost all plastic pieces including the lens. The Holga is well known for creating light leaks from not being well sealed (notice the pink bands) and creating a center focus with dramatic vignetting around the edges. This was my first time using the camera in about four years and the first time with color. Things turned out interestingly and i am not sure if it is because of the film or the scanning.

Because I am not a huge fan of color darkroom processing for me, we may never find out if this was fantastic or not.

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