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I missed my dream of being a traveling personal journaler and photographer. This blog will be my year captured on film. As the year progresses, there will be new films to test out, cameras coming off the shelf to be loaded up, and some real focus on using light differently than I normally rely on. The photos will not be able to be posted daily, since film holds a fair amount of images that need time to be developed (I know how but send my film out for others to do) and will most likely be posted in batches and backdated.

I am not new to film and enjoy the time in the darkroom fine tuning a print. I may even post an extra digital photo or two to make up for some of the detail that is lost in scanning negatives, so you will not need to worry on why I have a bit of noise or not perfect crisp photos. I really do love the rawness that film can sometime capture.


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