Panning Afghan in the Snow

by Derk Steenblik March. 17, 2017 794 views

On a wintry, cloudy day with lots of snow on the ground, I took my Afghan out to experiment with the panning technique.  Initially, I used a slow shutter speed hoping to blur the background to indicate motion.  However, with all of the flying hair and snow, everything was a blur.  So, I changed my settings, still panned on continuous shoot at a faster shutter speed which resulted in these "freeze action panned images".

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Heike 3 years ago

Really amazing photos ! What a wonderful dog.

3 years ago Edited
Derk Steenblik Replied to Heike 3 years ago

Thank you - I thing she is amazing but of course I could be a little biased in that she is my dog.

3 years ago Edited
Shimna M 3 years ago

Afghan looks cute. I really loved the images :)

3 years ago Edited
Derk Steenblik Replied to Shimna M 3 years ago

Thank you for the compliment - she is a real beauty with personality to match. Love taking her photograph.

3 years ago Edited