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I got in on the last launch at a small balloon fest. There were only eight balloons present and seven launched. One Remax balloon was kept on the ground for people to get a closere look at.

This Remax balloon was kept on the ground for people to view after the launching of the other seven.

The second Remax was the first to launch. They had a really fast crew.

This is the G-Daddy as it's being inflated for launch. The name came from acquiring the balloon on the day the owner became a grandfather, hence G-Daddy.

This is almost ready to launch.

There are three crew on the G-Daddy as it is almost ready to go.

Just after the tether is released.

New balloons cost in the 25-35K range. Used can be purchased from about 5K to 15K depending on the age and condition of the balloon.

G-Daddy in full flight.

Another crew waiting to launch.

Don't remember the name but it had a crew of two women. One was the owner of the balloon

The other commercial balloon to launch was the Mayflower. The ship on the sides was three dimensional.

The Mayflower about to launch. Note how the ship stands out. Cool but nothing like the 3-D on the next balloon.

The Mayflower in flight.

I think it's called the Captain Jack although he doesn't look much like the Captain Jack logo.

He may have had a little too much to drink with that bloodshot eye.

Captain Jack headding into the sun.

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Konrad 9 years, 2 months ago

wow cool

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