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This is the Grove. I shot these several years ago on a Sunday afternoon when the owner of the property happened to be there.
He allowed me inside almost all the buildings. This is located in Central Texas. It's like the people in the town walked off back in the late 30's or early 40's and never came back,

Blacksmith shop

Carriage steps. There were dozens of them in the blacksmigh shop.

Back when the world was a cash as you go enterprise.

Five gallon grease can and what looks like an old lantern.

Old license plates. 1937 was the latest one.

I think this is a coffee grinder, but I'm not sure. Anyone out there know?

I think this was an oil can, but again, I'm not sure.

Sign on the outside of the General Store.

Coke sign on the side of the General Store

Inside the General Store.

The owner was planning to make the Grove a tourist spot where people could wander through the buildings but was several years from making the dream come true. Some of the things were obviously staged but some, expecialy in the blacksmith shop looked natural.

Storage room in the back of the General Store.

Thermometer inside the blacksmith shop.

I remember as a small child my mother pumping gas from a pump just like this. You used a lever to pump gas into the glass cylinder at the top to the number of gallons you wanted and then let gravity push it down the hose into your car.

I think Nesbitt's Orange is a thing of the past but the one below is still around.

The outside wall of one of the buildings had the wood planks mounted at an angle which was pretty unusual.

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Carver 12 years, 11 months ago


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Pennywyatt 13 years ago

Wow a step into the past, love it !

13 years ago Edited
Laura (& Her Hubby Paul) 13 years ago

I love the curves of the coffee grinder (or whatever it is)!

13 years ago Edited
Zajä…C 13 years ago

realy beautiful set. I like colours on these photos. Good comositions.

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Marco Stefano Vitiello 13 years ago


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Marco 13 years ago

11 to favorites

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Marco 13 years ago

nice shots

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Marco 13 years ago

#8 #9 and #17 are my favs!

Very good set :)

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Smilingrainbow 13 years ago

it's amazing to get a chance to walk into history.
great set.

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Sherij 13 years ago

AAAHHH the simple days.. Would be awesome to go back to them.
Great shots the angled wood looks fantastic.

13 years ago Edited
Urbanphotos 13 years ago

nice photos, especially #1 & #9; thank you for the comment (the bridge - Riga, Latvia), regards

13 years ago Edited
Gary 13 years ago

Great set Dean. I can't decide which one I like best.

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Gillian 13 years ago

What a great place for taking photos, so many interesting subjects!

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