One Cherry '31 Caddy

by Dean Singleton June. 10, 2009 2349 views

While I was starting to cross the street to get some shots of the Waxahachie courthouse this Caddy stopped in front of me and the driver asked if I would move one of the cones so he could park in the reserved area. How could I refuse?

Stopped long enough for me to move the traffic cone blocking a place for the antique cars to park.

Passenger side.

The owner is cleaning where he thinks he caught a curb. I couldn't see a thing.

Love the Mobile Flying Red Horse over the license plate.

Loovers on the side of the hood for cooling.

Two spare tires, one on each side.

Enlarge to see what is written on the hub caps.

Caddy had a V8 that far back.

Beautiful hood ornament. Check one of my other posts for an HDR version that I think looks pretty cool.

Shot of the chrome loovers from the front.

I think the orange on the door is a great touch. Really attracts attention.

Oops, forgot to rotate this one. Just rotate the head a little, saves picking up the moniter and turning it on it's side.

When you have a rumble seat you need some place to store the valuables. It is a convertable after all.

Landeau roof trim in chrome. Looks great.

Enlarge this and the next one for better detail.

Enlarge and check out the steering wheel. Note the throttle an early form of cruise control. Not quite as safe.

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