A God Thing

by Dean Singleton September. 12, 2009 1431 views

I didn't name it. The man who found it did.

I know that it looks like a Nikon Coolpix camera, but it's really a God Thing. You'll agree when you find out what happened.

We visited Biltmore Estates in North Carolina, a huge estate with lots of photo ops. My wife was keeping up with me pretty well in photos with the little Coolpix I got her when I gave my backup camera to my oldest son. Janie had been using my back up but didn't like the size and feel of it.

This wall is a little further away than I was when I took the preceeding photo. From atop this wall my wife, blue shirt lower right, took my photo as I came up the steps to where she and Lynda were. We got to talking with others and she laid her camera down. I has a strap and she always keeps it around her wrist.

A half your later, after driving several miles with numerous stops, we realized that the camera was gone. We drove all the way around and back to the wall where Janie had left the camera but didn't know it for sure, a distance of several miles. We searched the wall, the walk, the parking lot, questioned the staff at the bottom of the walk who called lost and found at the ticket office, then were forced to give up. We drove on and tried to enjoy what was left of th day. Janie was distraught because of the photos on the camera. She had not downloaded photos for a couple of months and had some that were not replaceable. It was at five minutes to closing that this lady who worked at the last shop open asked my friend Jim how his day was going.

Jim, who is usually an uplifting, easy going person answered her, "Great, until we lost a camera. Usually he would have just said great under any circumstances.

This man who had been standing a few feet in back of Jim asked, “What kind of camera?” I turned and as Jim answered, he was taking something out of his pocket. It was the camera. He had found it on the wall where Janie had left it. He was going to turn it in at the ticket office where we came in. What he didn't know was the ticket office was closed. Jim said something about it being incredible, and the man answered, “No, it's a God thing.” Jim teaches bible studies, and is very strong in his church. He met a man who later we find out was an army chaplin who trained in Waxahachie, Texas just a few miles from where we live and Jim and Lynda used to live before they moved to WNC. Yep, we all agreed that with all that had happened between when the camera was lost and reunited with Janie, it had to be a God thing.

I'm not sure why, but it just felt right to add this last shot. Probably nothing like the cup used at the Last Supper but a toast to the man who gave Janie's camera a new name. It's called a God Thing from now on.

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Brian 8 years, 1 month ago

Nice story narated through the pictures!

8 years, 1 month ago Edited
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