Fungi, Laurel Falls trail, Great Smokies

by Dean Singleton September. 16, 2009 2230 views

All but the first shot are of fungi on the trail to Laurel Falls, in the Great Smoky Mountains. Falls photos later. The first was on the trail up Clingman's Dome. With over 80 inches of rain a year, and a relatively thick canopy, all types of fungus have a perfect place to grow.

This is the only mushroom that was not on the trail to Laurel Falls in the Great Smoky mountains. It was on the way to the top of Clingman's Dome at around 6600 ft. if I remember correctly.

From here on the mushrooms and fungi are on the trail to Laurel Falls which is about 1.3 miles to the falls. We had just seen a black bear and the sign at the end made us a little nervous about being on the trail but there were quite a few people on the trail and I figured I could outrun at least one of them in case of a bear sighting.

This tree was covered from ground level up 30 or so feet.

This one had a sawtooth edge to it and was in pretty sandy soil.

Don't know what the blue specks were around this one but I liked the effect.

Someone had tipped this one over. It was just a few feet from the trail.

This one looks like some I have found in my yard after a spell of rain.

Not only was the shape of this one strange but it held water in the indention on the top. There were insects around it before I disturbed them.

These looked like some type of puffball. Made me think of the original Alien movie.

I loved the color on this one.

This one was growing out of the side of a bank beside the trail.

Almost right out of the side of the rocks.

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10 and 11 are good...

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