The Biltmore House

by Dean Singleton September. 20, 2009 2526 views

Janie took the audio tour…I did not…She could tell you a lot…I can not. I got a little from osmosis, at least I listened to her a little. Much more important to take photos. Why can't everyone understand that, stupid rule about no photos inside the building. Out on the patio is OK, in the court yard is OK, out front is OK, but not in the house, and if you were carrying a camera, no I'm not paranoid, they were watching you. They had cameras, and guards, called docents. Anyway only shots from the patio, courtyard, and one from inside the dining room called, “The Stable”.

Janie and Lynda in front of the Biltmore House built by the Vanderbilts.

Took the ladies out of the photo and lowered the angle. We were about 50 feet above ground level.

Ground level with a few tour busses in front.

One view from the patio of the Blue Ridge mountains. The guests to the house were told that the Vanderbilts owned all that they could see and then some.

Slightly different angle from the patio.

And the opposite direction.

Gargoyle on the patio. Most of the gargoyles around the outside of the building were very well endowed as was pointed out by one of the docents.

Part of the ornamentation on the patio was of the artisians used to decorate the house. This one was an painter. There were also carpenters, stonecarvers, masons, as wellas others.

View from the left front of the house of one of the tower like sections.

Toward the entrance from the extreme right, almost agains the building.

The central section of the house just right of the entrance. The small patina roof toward the center of the photo is the arboretum.

Main entrance.

Cantilevered stairwell going from the ground floor to the fourth floor. The railed area is the counterweight going all the way up. It is disguised to look like a walkway and can really be navigated for window cleaning.

Main entrance from the far left, again almost against the building. In the background is the entrance to the courtyard leading to the Stable Restraunt, shops, and a beautiful courtyard to relax and dine on. After a full meal at the Stable, ice cream in the courtyard was perfect.

Inside the courtyard. Beautiful tree.

Part of the stairway leading to Diana's pagoda at the top of the hill. It also leads to the parking lot.

View of the back of the Biltmore from the Bass Pond. It was here that we discovered Janie's camera was missing. Later found at the top of the wall in the preceding photo, and found by an ex-army chaplin who trained less than ten miles from were we live in Texas. Long story…Check out the God Thing, an earlier post.

Ther very dark Stable Restraunt where we had lunch. Available light shot. We ate in a stall on the left near where this was shot.

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