Clingman's Dome

by Dean Singleton September. 24, 2009 2053 views

We drove up to a parking area a half mile from the summit. We hiked the last half mile up a pretty steep path to the top. Fog, clouds, and rain but we had come this far and decided to go for broke. Quite a few people on the trail kept encouraging us to keep going up. Said we couldn't see a thing but it was worth it. They were right, it was. We also crossed and walked a few feed town the Appliachan (sp) Trail. I did keep thinking about the bear we saw a little while before but he was a good 15 miles away, but you never know. There were blackberries, rasberries and blueberries along the path and they tasted fantastic.

Edge of the parking lot leading up the last half mile to the top. We were definately in the clouds. Cloud banks were moving over the mountain clearing a little then getting heavier.

The circlular marks in the rock are actually harder rock than the surrounding area.

Still at the bottom of the trail. The trail was paved but really pretty steep.

Janie taking a photo of a tree in the fog.

Lots of dead pine trees. I think it was some kind of pine borer.

New growth among the dying.

One of the dying trees amid the fog.

The lush undergrowth around the dead trees reminded me of some old horror movie on the moors somewhere.

I just liked this view.

A small meadow of flowers along the trail about half way up it.

We got higher and the clouds began to close in.

This is Jim on the ramp up to the observation tower on top of the Dome.

The observation tower from below with the obligitory signs on the top telling you what view you are missing in each of the four directions. Talk about rubbing it in. We couldn't see off the dome.

This was a dirt trail off the top of the Dome. The Appliachian (sp) Trail crossed the path up the Dome right at the top. Walked a couple of feet down each side off the path just to say we had been on the trail.

I loved this shot of the pine bough. Pine needles, moss, and lots of mist on the whole thing with the bright background really makes it for me.

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Igor 11 years, 3 months ago

Nice! It was very clear (unusual) day when we clime on the top.

11 years, 3 months ago Edited