Audobon preserve at San Antonio

by Dean Singleton May. 05, 2010 1985 views

Went to San Antonio Monday for a three day photo shoot with a friend I haven't seen for sixteen years. He is a docent at the Audobon preserve in San Antonio so that is one of the major stops. More to come. Hope you enjoy.

Prickly Pear cactus flower.

Barrel Cactus flower

Don't know what kind of cactus flower.

These black and orange butterflies along with common browns and some small white butterflies just covered the area. He's on a thistle.

This is what looks like a swallowtail of some sort to me, again on a thistle.

Another shot of a black and orange.

All I can think of is the Taco Bell dog going, “Here lizard, lizard, lizard.”

Almost forgot. Since this was at an Audobon preserve, I guess it should have some birds. Don't ask me. It looks like some big crane or heron.

I think the one on the right may have been embarrassed and looked the other way. I think something was about to happen behind him. I may be wrong but that big bird is flapping his wings in a funny manner for some reason.

The yellow eye on this one was hypnotizing.

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Susan Jane 11 years, 2 months ago

Can't believe youa re already bloomig there!

11 years, 2 months ago Edited