Salado, Texas

by Dean Singleton May. 12, 2010 2618 views

The sign of the Flying Red Horse. This is a smaller version of the one in Dallas on top of the Magnolia building. I would have loved to get inside the shop and see what other old stuff they had but they were closed.

The Flying Red Horse, sign of Magnolia Oil Company which became Mobil Oil. If you want to see a really big one, Dallas is the spot. It's on top of the Magnolia Building downtown. Can't miss it.

When I was a kid, this is the type of gas pump in front of the grocery store we went to and where my grandfather was the butcher.

The green pump was regular and the red one was high test.

This is located on Interstate 35 in Salado, Texas. That's a Lincoln Continental convertible, an Indian motorcycle, a Gulf Oil sign on the left. The Lincoln and the Indian were both in excellent condition, everything else…a little worn. Thanks to Photoshop the modern buildings around the garage disappeared.

Just a little different view.

I think that this is an old oil dispenser. If I'm not mistaken the curved pipe swings forward to allow a container with a flexible tube on it to be filled to add oil to your car when it's low. It swings back into place to catch the oil that would otherwise drain out on the top of the dispenser.

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