Tis-sa-ack and friends

by Dean Singleton July. 23, 2011 1930 views

Tis-sa-ack, who lived in a far away country, journeyed with her husband to the Valley of Ah-wah-nee. They had crossed the high mountains, carrying heavy burdens, and were footsore and weary from their long journey. They were also very thirsty and were hurrying to reach the Valley, that they might drink from one of the clear lakes or steams, which they knew would be found there. When at last they reach Ah-wei-ya (Mirror Lake), Tis-sa-ack, who was ahead of her husband, sat down to drink. Again and again she filled her basket, and drained it, so that when her husband reached the lake she had drunk up all of the water and the lake was dry. Whe he found that she had drunk up all the water her husband became very angry, and forgetting the custom of his people, he beat her severely. Tis-sa-ack ran but her husband ran after her and continued to beat her so that she laid down the baby basket containing her papoose. Then when he did not stop, becoming very angry with the pain and humiliation, she turned and hurled her burden basket at him. Then The Great Spirit himself, shocked by such conduct on the part of his children, became angry and turned them all to granite. Tis-sa-ack became the noble mountain called Half Dome and she is surrounded by her husband, child, and basket. Here are a few photos of Tis-sa-ack, family, and the surrounding area.

Also known as Half Dome shot from across the Yosemite Valley at a spot called Glacier Point. During the ice age this vantage point, almost equal in elevation was 700 feet under the ice.

An ever so slightly different angle and three images processed in Photomatix to give an HDR rendition.

A hundred yards or so to the left of the earlier shots and again in HDR. This is the indian maid Tis-sa-ack. You can see her nose, high center, her hair moving to the right, her mouth just below the nose, and the streaked tears from her eyes at what she has done.

Almost in shadows, just the face and the mountain in the background still in sunlight.

Backed off on the magnification a little bit on this one. Just to the left of Tis-sa-ack (ele. 8842 ft.) is Clouds Rest (9926 ft.) and way in the back left, very small, are the Echo Peaks (11,040 ft).

Exact center background is a different view of Tis-sa_ack, with El Capitan on the left and just to the right of my watermark, Po-ho-no Bridal Veil Fall). This was shot from just outside the entry tunnel to the valley.

Tis-sa-ack from a little different elevation and magnification.

Back at Glacier Point, more of the mountains outside the valley.

Tenaya Peak (10,301 ft) in the center. It's July and there is still snow on the ground.

Partial view of Tis-sa-ack with the sun on the mountains in the background.

Closer view of the Echo Peaks just after sundown.

After sundown some peaks that did not have names posted anywhere around our viewpoint.

Getting dark on the mountain.

Pines and sundown. Perfect match.

El Capitan from the tunnel parking lot with a 300mm lens. It's several miles off.

Po-ho_no (Bridal Veil Falls). The legend has it that “The Spirit of the Evil Wind” dwells at the bottom of the falls. The Spirit lured an indian maiden into looking over the falls and whipped her up and over the falls to her death below. The legend says that to visit the bottom of the falls is to be feared for The Spirit will steal a part of your spirit and will keep it forever. So solemnly was this warning given that to this day no one has ever known a son or daughter of Ah-wah-nee to venture into the spray or mist of Po-ho-no) Sadly the day we were at Yosemite, three visitors were swept over one of the other falls three hundred feet to their deaths. As far as I know as of 7/23 they have not been found. One other died in a car accident making it one of the deadliest days for the park.

El Capitan.

Yosemite Falls. This is a snowmelt fed falls and the ranger that we talked to said that it is hard to convince people, in Septermber when the fall is dry, that there really is a Yosemite Falls.

The Merced River. This is the river that flows in the center of the valley that glaciers created.

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Julie Domingo 7 years, 9 months ago

These are all amazing shots!:)

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Chossid 7 years, 9 months ago

Lovely post -- 13 is my fav

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Vizcaino Perez 8 years, 3 months ago

Too distants for me, but I love these mountains. Great post. I liked esp. the wide view in # 6.

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