Natchitoches La--Louisana Party

by Dean Singleton December. 05, 2011 2960 views

These people know how to throw a party. It was the Natchitoches Festival of Lights and it was fantastic. I haven't seen so many people having this much fun, since Mardi gras. The town is located on the Cane River and was founded around 1714. This fesitval has been going on for 85 years but I think it really got big after the movie Steel Magnolias, which was filmed there. Great fun, great people, and that includes everyone we came in contact with. Lost my smart phone and IPod and they bent over backwards to find it on a day where there were thousands of people on the streets, and guess what? Someone found it, turned it in to a security checkpoint, where they called my phone leaving a message on how to get it back. My wife called my phone, got the message and I got both back. Wonderful people, and well organized. Although I'm sure there were problems we never saw any. Great weekend.

Christmas lights reflecting on the Cane River just across from Front Street. This is Friday night which was a really calm night compared to the next one.

Another view with the Church Street Bridge crossing the river.

You can see the lights for Steel Magnolias in this one.

Another view with the Church Street Bridge.

This was my favorite.

From under the bridge.

The stage that all the bands played some great music from. This is Friday night. On Saturday you could not walk past the stage for the people listening to the music. They were also all up and down the riverbank by where I took this shot.

This is a plaza at the beginning of the business area where everything took place.

Saturday, and there was food, everywhere, and they knew how to cook. We passed on the turkey legs and went for the meat pies that Natchitoches is famous for. We ate meat pies at two places, Lasyone's and Merci Beaucou, with two different styles. Both were great. Loved the chicken and sausage gumbo, too.

And you could get your photo taken with a “live” although restrained alligator. Passed on that one althought we could have had alligator on a stick for lunch.

This is second street where one of the parades started. There were literally thousand of people on the streets and it was a blast.

This is from the afternoon parade. No big balloons, massive floats, but is was one of the most fun parades I've ever seen.

We went to eat at about 5:25 and just as we finished the fireworks started. I didn't take my tripod Saturday night because I knew there would really be no place to safely set up so all of these are hand held from a couple of different locations. I shot in three shot burst bracketed by .7f stop up and down.

Setting fire to the bridge, or so it looked. It wasn't red enough for safety flares but whatever they used it quickly got too bright to get any detail.

Got part of the crowd wherever I could.

Not only fireworks but lighting effects also. Heavy smoke really added to the effect which I usually find objectionable in a fireworks show. Really gave it a strange look.

a few sparks and lighted smoke make me think of the milky way.

You can really see how the smoke helps with the special effects.

same spot a second or two later with a big change in color.

Look close any you can see gold in with the silver.

Silver and Blue

This one reminds me of Van Gogh's Stary Night.

Thisone reminds me of what the big bang might of looked like.

After the fireworks, with the temperature around 55 it began to snow. At least that's what we first thought. Then I caught a “snowflake” and it turned out to be a cluster of tiny bubbles from some kind of snow machine. People were amazed at how real the swirling “snow” looked.

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Mike Meliska 9 years, 7 months ago

Amazing reflections and colors.

9 years, 7 months ago Edited
Yves Monast 9 years, 7 months ago

looks like i missed a great party beautiful night shot and reflection well done....

9 years, 7 months ago Edited