The Goatman's Bridge

by Dean Singleton June. 14, 2013 4426 views

Also know as the Old Alton Bridge

November 15th 1967: police discover an abandoned car beside Old Alton Bridge, five miles south of Denton, Texas. A rash of mysterious disappearances are becoming alarmingly routine on a chilling stretch of road that is known by locals as “the Goatman's bridge.”

Constructed in 1884, the bridge connected Denton to Alton. The turn of the century brought a black goat farmer and his family to a residence just North of the bridge, and a few short years later, Oscar Washburn was known as a dependable, honest businessman. North Texans endearingly began to call him the Goat man. But the success of a black man was still unwelcome, and Klansmen in the local government turned to violence after he displayed a sign on Alton Bridge: “this way to the Goat man's”

One night in August 1938, with their headlights off, Klansmen crossed the bridge, dragged the Goat man from his family, and lynched him over the side. Peering over into the water, his murderers saw a rope, but not his body. In a panic, the Klansman returned to the Washburn residence, and killed his family in cold blood.

Since the disappearance of the Goat man there have been many strange sightings on and near Old Alton Bridge. Some say his spirit still haunts these woods. Locals tell the story and follow it with a warning: those who cross the bridge with no headlights will be met on the other side by the Goat man.

Pull up to the bridge, turn off your lights, and honk your horn twice. Legend says that the Goatman's red eyes will be seen on the bridge. Time to leave.

Was it this side that the Goatman was hung from?

Or was it this side that the rope was tied?

Legend has it that not only is this the Goatman's hanging place but also the place where Bonnie and Clyde stopped where Clyde set fire to the bridge while fleeing police. One more successful getaway. This time that is.

The bridge's reflection in the troubled water below holds not noose and body of the Goatman.

The bridge and the river hold many secrets, but they won't tell.

If you're lucky you can say goodbye to the river and to your merry way. If you're lucky.

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Phyllis 6 years, 9 months ago

excellent photos and fascinating story.......

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Yves Monast 6 years, 9 months ago

great post.......

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