Alligator Hunt

by Dean Singleton July. 19, 2013 3375 views

What? You didn't see the alligator. Well, neither did I. I was told about three alligators residing at a bend in the Trinity River in south Dallas county so I decided to make the trek and see if I could find the. Going on foot I was especially careful to keep a look out on and around the trail. It was about two or two and a half miles to the spot one way. I made it to the area where they should be and, well they weren't there. Kind of expected that but I had to try. These are the shots I did get along the way so it wasn't a total loss.

All shots were taken with a Sony A-77 camera and a Tamron 200-500 lens, hand held with the help of a custom rifle stock I made.

We call them Snake Doctors around here but most people call them Dragonflies. Whether someone thinks they doctor snakes or fly with dragons, each is a possibility.

Lotus seed pods. For years of designing dried flower arrangements, I thought these came from the far east. Now I find out that they can be found in the south part of Dallas. No telling where else.

This pod isn't quite ripe yet.

The bud, the pod, and the flower.

Same flowers farther out in the water.

Grasshopper #1, not grasshopper 44.

Grasshopper #2, again not grasshopper 44, who lives in San Antonio. You know who you are.

Grasshopper by himself.

I understand these are called Button flowers. Several different stages of development.

Here's one with a little bug.

This one has a little bigger bug, known as a bumblebee. Now you know why I use a long lens. Well, that and the alligators.

I've posted fields of tame (cultivated) sunflowers before but here is a wild one I liked.

Another bumblebee on a sunflower.

Same bee and flower, just a little different.

Same, same, different though.

Butterfly taking off from this sunflower. Look at the flex in the right wing. I didn't know their wings had this much flexibility.

Just after takeoff. Wonders of a camera that takes a 12 frame per second burst.

Three shots that capture a hawk that I've been trying to shoot for a couple of years now. Usually he stays too far away for even a 500mm lens. I was able to get several series of shots as he circled several times.

In this and the next shot he is actually screaming at me. I don't think he liked his photo taken.

Brightened this one to show more of his detail.

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Yves Monast 7 years, 9 months ago

awesome set like the first one........

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Mike Meliska 7 years, 9 months ago

Fantastic set...

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Grasshopper44 7 years, 9 months ago


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