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by Dean Singleton June. 21, 2015 1202 views

A few cars and a few parts. Any of which I would take in a heartbeat. All of them movers.

Under the hood of a Shelby Mustang. HDR

Sleek lines of the hood ornament on a ‘55 Chevy Sedan. Sedans are pretty common. Haven’t seen a coupe in more years than I can remember.

'56 Crown Vic Sunliner.

Great way to get the air you need.

'55 Chevy Sedan. This one was an in line 6 cylinder. I think a 210 ci. Pretty much stock with the large hubcaps and fender skirts.

Old custom Plymouth. I think.

Dream car for a ‘60’s teen. A '57 Chevy coupe. White with blue/gray insert trimmed out with blue metallic flames.

Pretty sure this was a '53 Ford that had been mildly customized. They had done just enough work to make it unique but not gaudy. Simple and beautiful.

Custom street rod. Somewhere around a ‘32-’33.

Change the angle of the shot and the color changed from a deep orange to a lighter orange. Shot of one powerful engine. I think this car would roll.

The interior was simple and efficient. I think I would have colored the spots on the dice orange to match the car.

The entire car was this beautiful shade of purple. Lots of detail and beautiful trim. Note the gauge at the lower center.

Metallic Brown '64 1/2 Mustang. This one was a six cylinder even though it had duals dumping out right in front of the back tires. Really a nice car.

I don't remember what the car was but this is a beautiful example of modern pin stripping. Old style was just the outlines and was one color. The new style is often multi-color and filled in with another color.

This '36 Ford was beautiful. It was chopped, channeled and lowered all the way around. Two tone pearl paint really set it off. I would like to have had this one.

You never know what's hiding under the hood of a Texas pickup. This one haa big block V-8 but all the wiring, tubes, and hoses (mostly) were hidden under panels. Very simple and clean looking.

When's the last time you saw a little black skirt look as good as this one. Pretty common back in the day but never seen today on anything new. Looking pretty sharp on this early ‘50’s police car even equipped with a siren and window air conditioner.

And on the back bumper of the police car Felix the Cat was strutting his stuff. My favorite cartoon character as a kid.

Lil' GTO, Lil' GTO. Great Beach Boys song and a great Pontiac. The GTO was the speed demon of the Pontiac line, alas there is no more Pontiac line today.

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Mike Meliska 6 years ago

Great car set.

6 years ago Edited
Jay Boggess 6 years ago

Wowzerz!!! Fabulous tour! Thanks for sharing these classics, in such an interesting way!

6 years ago Edited
Marilyn Grimble 6 years, 1 month ago

Brilliant presentation.

6 years, 1 month ago Edited