Down at the Zoo

by Dean Singleton February. 20, 2016 1310 views

A little trip to the Dallas Zoo led to photos of my grandson, lots of photos, and darned few animals. We had a ball, just the two of us. By the end of the afternoon we were both worn out. He took a nap and I had coffee. He is such a ham when the camera comes out.

Boy those giraffes are tall. Hold on Kiddo, a little introduction first. Everyone, this is Connor, you may have seen him before but just in case you haven't, he is my son's son, making him my grandson.

Come on Grandad, we're making a break.

You mean we can't go yet?

Can I keep him?

What? You never heard of gator riding?

OK, the upper teeth look really, really good.

Looks like a couple of bad teeth down here. Would you like a breath mint?

Look at that thing with the long snoot over there.

Which one starred in “Happy Feet?”

Wish I could swim like that.

Looks like those fish would taste pretty good to me.

Can't quite reach that one.

Yep, lion, elephant, giraffe, and me. Giants of the Savanna.

Hows this, think it will attract the girls?

Nope, she went the other way.

Did you see what that guy just did? I think he mooned us.

Aah, my favorite egg. Time for a rest.

It really is comfortable in here. Ha, it's too small for Grandad.

This is how the lizards come out of their eggs.


Look out, I'm gonna do it again.

Hum, where to next?

Last slide, look out below.

Time to wash my hands of the whole place and go home to watch Happy Feet with Grandad.

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