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I am 47 years old, I live in Arkansas, beautifull town of North Little Rock. I have two great kids, my son is 27 and in the National Guard. I have a daughter who is 16, she also is a photographer and has a blog here. Her name is Micki. I have one grandchild, his name is Cameron and he lives in the mosquito capitol of the world, Louisiana. I really can't knock it to hard, because we moved to Ar. from La.
I was raised in La. all my life and Jan. of 2008, moved to Ar. We have fell in love with Ark. and so glad we got the chance to move here. My husband is a hydrolics mechanic, and that is one reason we're here, for better pay !!!!
My daughter and I love photography and hope to get better at it. We love to just take off on a Saturday and go different places to take pictures. It is not hard to find here as the whole area around us is beautiful.

I use a Nikon D40. Hope you enjoy my site, stop by anytime.



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