365 - Park Life [349]*

by Peter Krysko February. 10, 2008 1792 views

I wanted to get some good dog photos today, so I'm happy.

A good photographic weekend.

Morning shoot. Last night's frost.

A bright day and I need to watch my exposures. I need to adapt to the lighting but I'm still slightly brain-damaged from last night's bottle of wine.

Bench study.

Too many folk…

… for the squirrels who were sticking to the trees.

First afternoon shoot. My neighbours.

Spotty dogs. Very photogenic.

Great pose.

As I got down & got dirty with the flowers & bugs, the colour intensified and my white balance changed dramatically. I messed up a lot of photos by not paying attention.

Second afternoon shoot.

Moving my position a couple of feet to the right would have made a better composition but that would have meant stepping on a flowerbed which I didn't want to do. It still turned out well.

Nuthatch. Upside-down is not a problem.

Bird songs are everywhere and very symphonic. The virtuoso and very loud Song Thrush. The twigs drove my autofocus nuts.

Lightning rod.

The Tits were rubbing their bills on the new shoots, I don't know why.

Last shoot. Nuthatch. The sun is setting. I've left it a bit late so it's getting dim very quickly. Looking across the park it almost looks misty at times, I can't figure out if its because of my eyes or the light. I couldn't photograph it, it turned into flare through the lens.

Flight study.

Another flight study.

Sunday evening.

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Mario Jean 9 years, 8 months ago

An [b]amazing[/b] photographic week-end I'd say!!!

9 years, 8 months ago Edited
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